Iacta alea est

Well, the half-a-site I had mentioned before is now up: my new blog, here, in conjunction with my new homepage. Yes, I've decided to de-anonymize. I expect to have a higher online profile soon, as a result of the projects I'm working on, so I wanted a site to go along with it. I expect the new blog will be more think-y and less random than the current one (although making it any less random than all the unfocused crap I've put up here over time would probably have taken a real effort). It'll probably be less political, although I haven't written the political stuff here in a while. Let me say it'll be less partisan.

Please update your links.

One other thing: don't be alarmed if I have a link to you here but not over there; I'm still trying to work out the whole blogroll on that side.

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